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Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania is at the end of implementation period

bilde Agrotourism in Mara and Vadu Izei One important step has been achieved by Heifer Foundation together with NIBIO and OVR Foundation.Two waste management systems are now being used within rural tourism facilities.More info: credits:IN
bilde The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Olemic Thommessen, paid a visit to Ateliere Fara Frontiere Association on 23 June The project targets sustainable recycling and recovery of WEEE by extracting valuable metals from waste. Romanian promoter benefits from the extensive research experience of Norwegian partner, SINTEF. More info: Credits:AFF
bilde New waste collection points, based on Norwegian technology, in place throughout Romania. The project has an educative role and is a catalyzer for jobs creation. Promoter Total Waste Management, an operator within waste management, and Green Business Norway, a known awareness building player. More info: Photo Credits: TWM
bilde Increased efficiency through improved green services Main outcome was the acquisition of a mobile biomass processor used for processing wood waste resulting from logging activities. Project website and more details are available at Photo Credits: Treforex SRL
bilde Implementing superior efficiency in wood finishing Main outcome of the project was the optimization of the furniture processing value chain by replacing an old finishing line with a new and modern one. Project website: Photo Credits: Sortilemn SA









Re-granting to projects as per April 2016

 Bilateral Relations

EUR 182,000

Small Grant Scheme

EUR 2,153,675

 Individual Project Scheme

EUR 13,284,174

Grand Total EUR 15,619,849