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Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania is at the end of implementation period

We are fund operator for: 

1. RO Innovation - SME's Growth Romania

We are fund operator for:

2. RO Energy Programme

We are fund operator for:

3. Social Dialogue - Decent Work

Contact persons

Anne Lise Rognlidalen, Programme Manager, Oslo, tel +47 976 85 755.

Daniela Chifan, Programme Officer, Bucharest, tel (+4)0735 882 134

Mihai Toniuc , Programme Officer, Bucharest, tel (+4)0722 352 233

Mihai Stefanescu, Programme Officer, Bucharest, tel (+4)0722 834 490

Knut Ringstad, Senior Adviser, Oslo, tel +47 416 58 524.

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Relevant web-sites

State Aid - overview

State Aid - Vademecum

Romanian Procurement Legislation

EEA and Norway Grants

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Norwegian Embassy


Enterprise Europe Network

Norwegian Trade Portal

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Guidelines - Donor partnership projects

Template Business Plan

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find more specific information about the documents to be attached to the Application Form?
In the revised version of the "Assessment Criteria and Methodology". At the end of this document you will find a list of the attachments with more explanations.
How to interpret „eco-innovation”?
The project should aim to achieve a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources (please see definition in Call text, section.1)
Do you encourage projects in the benefit of the Roma population?
Yes, projects involving Roma would be highly appreciated and will be given extra score in the assessment of cross-cutting-issues
How can I find out if my project is eligible or not under the Individual Project Scheme?
The starting point should be that the project will result in improvement of the environmental performance of your enterprise (the applicant). Secondly, the project must develop and implement activities within the enterprise in one or more of the areas set in Call for Project Proposals (section2). Thirdly, the project must contribute directly to one or more of the programme indicators.
How will you define “the applicant’s (and eventual partner’s) main activity, which should be closely related to the activities for which an application is made”?
This will be assessed by checking information from registration certificate and statutes. The main activity should be presented by using NACE class code. For example, if the main activity is "treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste" the NACE code is 38.21. If the enterprise has other activities registered as secondary activities they could be eligible, but only if they are clearly linked to the main activity of the enterprise.
Is this programme mainly meant for innovation in the green industry only?
No, the aim is to contribute to make the industry in Romania greener through innovation.
I have a land plot and would like to develop a solar or wind park. Would this be eligible?
Projects with the purpose of building energy production capacity are not considered to be within the four eligible activities mentioned in the Call for Project Proposals.
How do you define “private enterprise”?
At least 50% of the ownership/capital shall be from private sources.
Is cash co-financing a requirement in the programme?
In cash co-financing can be provided by the Applicant, the Partner(s) or a combination. You have to agree on this and include it in the Partnership Agreement. (A Partnership Template with further guidance is available on this web-site.) Man-hour contributions from the Applicant and Project Partner(s) may be accepted as cash contribution based on the approved hourly rate for salaries. Whether the Applicant can provide evidence of the full financing of the whole project is one of the most important selection criteria. This is the responsibility of the applicant. The standard letter of commitment for Applicants and Partners can be uploaded from the programme website. The applicants and any partner's financial ability to carry through the project will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. Innovation Norway will make their independent assessment of the creditworthiness of the applicant and partners and obtain credit reports as well.
How do we calculate the hourly rate for man-hour as cash co-financing?
Calculation of man-hour rate shall be based on the real costs of the employer, but limited to the salaries, social contribution (gross salary) and overheads (see Rules & Procedures, article 2.4).
Can we apply for funding for one sub-project under an EU financed project?
Not recommended, as the releasing effect will be considered as limited (see definition in Call text p. 3.)
Shall we include VAT in the budget?
For enterprises the VAT is recoverable and shall not be included. If an NGO can not recover the VAT it can be included in the budget (see Rules & Procedures, article 5.1.3. 3) e).)
Do I have to draw up a detailed budget when I submit an application, or should the budget be submitted after the project has been approved?
Yes, you have to submit a detailed budget in line with the budget template on the website. The project contract may require further information about an updated budget as well.
“Project related expenses in EUR, grant rate as category”
Question: In the spreadsheet template downloaded from your website (Detailed Activity Based Budget) there are two sections; the first section contain the same type of activities as in the Application Form as described above. The second section contains "Project related expenses in EUR, grant rate as category". Where in the Application Form should I fill in the data belonging to the second section of the spreadsheet?Answer: The total of any project related expenses may be added to the most relevant state aid category in the Application Form. (If the project is mainly related to investment, it must be included in the line "plant and equipment" in the Application Form. For regional investment, all costs should be capitalized in the balance sheet.
In the Application Form, in the section called “Expense budget green industry innovation”, is it possible to tick all boxes and fill in expenses for all the two different state aid categories of activities?
Yes, this is possible.
How should the 10% limitation on investments in land and buildings be interpreted?
There is an opening for the approval of a higher percentage after approval and justification. Reasons for this could, for example, be an investment in a pilot/demonstration building for new and energy-saving constructions. Energy saving in existing buildings will not be subject to that limitation.
Should the project expenditure budget also include expenditure that is not eligible?
Yes, if this expenditure is crucial for the implementation of the project, it should be stated in the budget attachment, and its financing should be commented on. The application form should, however, only include expenditure which is deemed to be eligible. Eligible expenditures are detailed in the Rules and Procedures, article 5.1 and further elaborated on in the General Block Exemption Regulations. Please see the link under the section called "Relevant web-sites".
What are the procurement rules applicable for projects developed by private entities?
Romanian and European Union legislation on public procurement shall be complied with at any level in the implementation of a project. More details could be found in Rules and Procedures, section. 6.2 – Procurement and state aid
Are non-profit organisations eligible for grants?
For 2nd Call for project proposals, NGOs are not eligible applicants. Information about eligible applicants could be found in Call for project proposals, section 3 Eligible Applicants and Partners.