The Green Industry Innovation Programme Poland is a business development programme aiming to increase competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries and green innovation. 

Call for applications - travel support under the Fund for Bilateral Relations

Call for applications

The implementation of 28 projects alongside the economic effect of increasing the competitiveness and improving the financial performance of enterprises has brought about ecological effect on several levels.
Investments have led to the reduction or avoidance of emissions into the atmosphere directly in companies. There are also new "green" products that will bring environmental benefits to end users.
Measurable benefits have improved the working conditions of new technological lines, with less dustiness and less harmful emissions. Integral elements of the projects and activities accompanying the Program were the enhancement of corporate social responsibility (CSR) competences. Projects were also involved in raising environmental awareness among employees.
Investments in partnership with Norwegian entities, as well as participation in Innovation Norway conferences and workshops, has led to closer bilateral contacts between beneficiaries and companies, research institutions and clusters from Norway.

Below is the list and short info about all 28 project implemented within the Programme.

New sorting line for plastic waste in company Ermax.

Installation of photovoltaic panels in Techniflex.

Recycling of used tires in Vinderen.

Station for regeneration of used car parts in Turbo-tec.

Construction of a boimass burner. Zakłady Sanitarne w Krakowie.

New extruder for production of plastics in Motoplast.

New sorting line for metal waste in Wtór-Steel.

Instruments for production of high-temperature sensors in Guenther.

New, green printing line in Chroma.

Programme progress

● Launch of the programme on 18 February 2014
● Call for Project Proposals closed on 28 May 2014
● 83 applications received (18 with Norwegian partners)
● 28 applications approved and projects started
● Total grant amount EUR 17 833 000

The technical implementation and financial reporting of project activities was by April 2017.