The programme objective: Increased competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship

Call for applications - travel support and seed money from bilateral funds

bilde Projects in Bulgaria - click here EUR 11,5 mill. have been allocated to 32 projects for greening of businesses in Bulgaria. A description of projects and their activities is now available.

Greener glass production in Beloslav through investment in solar panels and equipment.

80 % of the electricity consumption of the production facility of Inhom Ltd. comes from renewable sources as a result of the installation of a PV system. The Norwegian project partner - Solenergi FUSen AS has played an important role in designing the installation which generates 50kWh electricity annually. Inhom Ltd. has also invested in equipment for recycling of colored waste glass aiming at reducing CO2 emissions and accumulated glass waste.

Old industrial building in Davidkovo village refurbished to host new production of biofuels from wood waste.

Hiteck Ltd. in partnership with the Norwegian company Standard Bio AS - Utgård AS has identified the most suitable technological solution for the production lines.

The project will boost employment in the region and contribute to improved wood waste management.

Brighter, energy-efficient and environment-friendly industrial lightings

Atra 96 Ltd. together with ENSI – Norway and the Technical University – Gabrovo developed innovative environment-friendly industrial lightings with built-in LED lamps. The lightings emit less heat and work at a lower temperature than lightings with replaceable LED lamps. The project is a step toward sustainable and environment-friendly production.

Better and cost-efficient maintenance of manufacturing machines

ICB together with the two Norwegian partners, namely NTNU – Norwegian University of science and technology and KTT – Kongsberg Terotech have developed and tested a system that monitors the maintenance of industrial machines. Increased machine availability beyond 95%, 5% less electricity consumption and 50% less oils and fluids are the expected results of this innovative tool. 

How green the Bulgarian economy and enterprises are

ARC Fund presented the progress made towards greening the Bulgarian economy in their green 2014 report. The Norwegian partner - NIFU assissted ARC Fund with the methodology of the report. In addition, a self-assessment tool has been developed, currently at the beta test stage, to help companies assess how green they are. The project contributes to raising awareness among the Bulgarian businesses about the benefits of green solutions and green investments.

A small hotel in Gela village is becoming bigger and greener

Vinara Ltd. has invested in extending their hotel and making it greener. The Norwegian project partner-Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter played an important role in designing the extension as well as providing green innovative solutions. The project will boost employment in the region and showcase energy-efficient and sustainable solutions in hospitality management.

Better working conditions and improved waste management

Valyian Ltd. purchased modern equipment aiming at making full use of the waste coming from the furniture manufacture. By using waste for heating Valiyan Ltd.foresees reduced energy consumption.

In addition, the project contributes to improving working conditions in the manufacturing hall, thus serving as a good example of corporate social responsibility. The added value of the new machines is safety and reduced health threats to the workers.

Green technologies for food processing

Delifud Ltd. has invested in modern equipment for ice-cream and pastry production aiming at reducing energy consumption and organic waste. The acquired food processing machines are expected to achieve reduced energy consumption and organic waste by 22 000 kWh per year and 18 tons per year respectively.  

Environment-friendly production of water heaters

Tesy Ltd. has invested in the refurbishment of the production hall and the acquisition of modern equipment aiming at increased energy efficiency and optimized resource management. Among others, the refurbishment has already improved significantly working conditions in the production hall. Optimized heating and cooling solution is provided alongside bright and even lighting.

Capacity building and bilateral cooperation for green and sustainable development

Black Sea Energy Cluster participated in the Energy business forum held in Sofia where the cluster activities and members were presented. The cluster, in cooperation with NCE Smart energy markets and New energy performance AS, has assisted Bulgarian member companies in establishing business partnerships with Norwegian cluster companies. Through exchange of experience and best practices in the energy efficiency field the project will lead to capacity building and intensive bilateral collaboration between the two clusters and their member companies.

Better waste management

Balbok Engineering AD has concluded contracts for acquiring mobile laboratory equipment. Under the project, the company, in cooperation with the Norwegian partner Mepex Consult AS, develops a manual for waste identification. Upon successful completion, the project promoter will be able to analyse and identify waste of unknown composition and origin throughout the country. The project is of significant importance because it will lead to more efficient waste management in Bulgaria. 

Energy efficiency and reduced waste through new technologies

KADO Ltd. has invested in modern equipment so as to manage better resources and reduce waste. New technologies will bring about a decrease in the electricity consumption and waste by 21 600 kWh per year and 6 000 kg per year respectively. The acquired machines eliminate dust, fumes and other emissions coming from the production process, thus ensuring better working conditions for the employees in the manufacturing hall.  



Re-granting to projects as per October 2015

Disbursement to projects 

EUR 2,935,966