The programme objective: Increased competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship

Call for applications - travel support and seed money from bilateral funds

What do we offer?

Two types of funding:

  • Grants for projects in Bulgaria
  • Travel Support for partner search and partnership projects 

What can you get?

Co-financing of projects:

  • Grant amounts EURO 200 000- 500 000 for: Greening of existing businesses, Green innovation and Entrepreneurship

Who can apply?

Entities legally established in Bulgaria 

  • SMEs and large private sector enterprises in Bulgaria
  • Norwegian entities can apply directly for Travel Support only
  • Norwegian entities are encouraged to be project partners

  • Seed Money and Travel Support Call

    Call for proposals for travel support and seed money under the Fund for Bilateral Relations, part of BG 10 - Green Industry Innovation Programme Bulgaria is launched as of 12 December 2016.

    The objective of the Fund for Bilateral Relations on a programme level is to strengthen the bilateral relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and Norway through facilitating networking, exchange, transfer and sharing of knowledge, technology experience and good practices. The maximum budget set aside for this call is EUR 100,000.

    Two types of support in the frame of the Fund for Bilateral Relations will be offered:

    - Travel Support

    - Seed Money (small projects)

    The following entities are eligible for support:

    - Bulgarian entities: any entity, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organisations constituted as legal entities in Bulgaria;

    - Norwegian entities: any entity constituted as legal entity in Norway.

     The minimum and maximum grant amount per project is:

    - Travel support - a lump sum of EUR 1’200 per entity;

    - Seed money - The maximum amount of grant assistance applied for is EUR 10’000.

    Applications for seed money shall be submitted to Innovation Norway at any time between the publication of this call and the first cut-off date 27 January 2017

    Applications for travel support shall be submitted to Innovation Norway at any time, but not later than 30 June 2017 and will be assessed on a continuous basis.

  • Reallocation of funds - closed

    In accordance with article 5.6. in the Programme Agreement for BG-10 Green Industry Innovation Programme Bulgaria, we hereby announce that there are funds available for reallocation due to grant not allocated to projects after the third call for project proposals and cancellations in other projects. Eligible applicants are Bulgarian entities already approved as Project Promoters in the frame of this Programme, with an existing signed Project Contract with Innovation Norway.

    Deadline for requests/applications: 23 January 2016 at 15.00 local Norwegian time (16.00 Bulgarian time).

  • Essential reading

    To be able to understand the objectives of the financial support from this Programme you are advised to read through the documents available on this web-site. You will find all the necessary reading about eligible target groups, eligible activities, eligible expenses, state aid regulations, rules and procedures for applications, assessment criteria and more. Only Bulgarian private entities are eligible applicants, but partnerships with Norwegian entities are much encouraged. 

    All the documents on this website have been updatead in connection with the Third Call  in order to assist you to succeed with your project application.

  • Documents and templates

    In connection with the 3rd Call for Proposals, one major funding schemes was available for applicants and partners - the Individual Projects Scheme. Please look up the Call text for further details.

    Innovation Norway assessed all project proposals based on the criteria for eligibility, selection and award set out in the Rules and Procedures on the implementation of the Green Industry Innovation Programme in Bulgaria. 

    Project applications had tocomply with a specified set of assessment criteria. The said criteria were based on the objectives and outcome that the Programme seeks to achieve. 

    On the right hand side are the mandatory attachments for the project application. 

    Only electronic applications, via the "Application Portal" was accepted.

  • Results of application processes

    First Call: Number of applications in total 42 (25 from entities undertaking economic activities and 17 from NGOs and public sector. Total amount applied for was EUR 22 398 247, compared to EUR 11 578 000 available. Assessment and decision making processs closed: 8 Individual projects have been approved, total grant amount EUR 7 430 600. List of approved projects available on the right hand side.

    Scond Call: Number of applications in total 32 (from private and public entities undertaking economic activities). Total amount applied for was EUR 4 227 712. Assessment and decision making process finalised: As per 16 January 2015 six Individual Projects have been approved, total grant amount allocated EUR 1 770 000. List of approved projects available on the right hand side. (Three projects are still in a clarification process with Innovation Norway.)

    Third Call: Number of applications in total 36 (from private enterprses only). Total amount applied for was EUR approx. EUR 12 mill. Assessment and decision making process finalised: as per July 2015 10 projects were approved, total grant amount EUR 2,7 mill.

    SUMMARY: In total 32 projects approved, total grant amount EUR 11,460,767.

    The technical implementation and financial reporting of project activities shall be completed by April 2016. The results section of this web-site will reflect results achieved by those projects already completed or mark an important step under project implementation.

Contact persons

Ms. Anne Lise Rognlidalen, Programme Manager, Innovation Norway, Oslo, tel. +47 22 00 2788

Ms. Venceslava Yanchovska, Manager, Innovation Norway Sofia office, tel. +359 2 466 69 66, +359 2 466 69 69

Ms. Galina Vassileva, Programme Officer, Innovation Norway Sofia office, tel. +359 2 466 69 66, +359 2 466 69 69

All communication to be sent to the Programme e-mail

Relevant web-sites

State Aid - overview

Bulgarian Procurement Legislation

Norway Grants

Information in Bulgarian

Norwegian Embassy

Enterprise Europe Network

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

Guidelines to potential partners from the donor states:

Frequently asked questions

Can I register and submit the electronic application form on behalf of my company and/or on behalf of myself as a private person?
Only registered companies can apply, not individuals. To register as an applicant, you have to create a user name and an e-mail address. The e-mail address should be an e-mail address on the company's server. The Letter of Commitment from the company submitting the application will ensure that the project originates from the company.
Can I apply for other EU operational programmes at the same time for my project?
Not for the same activity within the project. A project may consist of several activities or phases, and you may apply to other programmes for other activities. Any duplication of activities will be carefully checked both by the Programme Operators and the Bulgarian National Focal Point. For private entities the total financing of a project from different sources should be within the framework of the state aid regulations regarding grant rates.
Should all the partners make the same contribution to the project?
This is no a condition of the Rules and procedures. The contribution by/from any project partner, Norwegian or Bulgarian, should be relevant to the completion of the project. However, the scope of each contribution may differ.
What does it mean that partners should be independent?
There should be no ownership, neither direct nor indirect, between the project promoter (applicant) and the Norwegian partner.
Can a Bulgarian NGO benefit from the Green Industry Innovation programme?
The programme has only a small allocation for normal NGO activities, and the NGO should have their main activities related to environmental protection or the development of the business environment. The target of the project should be business-related as well. There will also be other EEA/Norway grants directed at NGOs. If the NGO undertakes economic activity, the support will be given in accordance with the state aid regulations.
I represent a research institute. Will applied research with pilot testing or a demonstration project in partnership with a Norwegian company qualify as a project under the programme?
Pilot testing or the demonstration of industrial research results could qualify as a project. However, the Green Industy Innovation Programme is not a research funding programme for basic research. Only research, product development and innovation within a company would be eligible activities.
When can I start the implementation of the project?
Only expenses incurred after the date when the grant has been awarded or at a later date stated in the project contract will be eligible. Projects started before approval has been given will normally not be eligible.
Where do I find the sources of verification for the indicators of the project results?
The applicant is free to suggest indicators and provide data. Suggestions for indicators are inserted in the help field in the application form and may be further specified in the grant agreement.
How do I set a quantitative indicator for an ICT or a business development project that will be of benefit to the environment?
Suggested Project indicators may be the number of technologies or applications developed. The environmental benefit may be described in a qualitative way.
Should the project expenditure budget also include expenditure that is not eligible?
Yes, if these expenditure is crucial for the implementation of the project, it should be stated in the budget attachment, and its financing should be commented on. The application form should, however, only include expenditure which is deemed to be eligible. Eligible expenditures is detailed in the Rules and Procedures, article 2.3.2 and further elaborated on in the General Block Exemption Regulations. Please see the link under Relevant web sites.
How should the 10% limitation on investments in land and buildings be interpreted?
There is an opening for the approval of a higher percentage after approval and justification. Reasons for this could, for example, be an investment in a pilot/demonstration building for new and energy-saving constructions. Energy saving in existing buildings will not be subject to that limitation.
Is cash co-financing a requirement in the programme?
Co-financing ought to be provided by the Project Promoter and/or the Project Partner(s) in cash. Manhour contributions from the Project Promoter and Project Partner(s) may be accepted as cash contribution based on the approved hourly rate for slaries. Whether the promoter (applicant) can provide evidence of the full financing of the whole project is one of the most important selection criteria. This is the responsibility of the applicant. The standard letter of commitment for Project Promoters and Partners can be uploaded from the programme website. The promoter's and any partner's financial ability to carry through the project will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. Innovation Norway will make their independent assessment of the creditworthiness of the applicant and partners and obtain credit reports as well.The grant offer letter will outline in detail the financing requirements in special conditions.
How should internal funding in the form of salaries be documented?
Internal funding in the form of man-hours may be approved as eligible expenses, depending on the state aid rules for the activities in the project. Please see the General Block Exemption Regulations (links on the website). The budget template attached to the application will detail (linkshis. You should document the internal funding by timesheets for the people involved in the project provided the approval of the internal funding has been granted.
Do I have to draw up a detailed budget when I submit an application, or should the budget be submitted after the project has been approved?
Yes, you have to submit a detailed budget in line with the budget template on the website. The grant offer letter may require further information about an updated budget as well.
How will the process regarding the selection of projects take place?
Innovation Norway will use internal experts, technical as well as financial, to assess project proposals. Innovation Norway will make use of external experts when deemed necessary. A selection committee will present the result of the assessment to the decision making level. Positive grant decisions will be made public.