The overall objectives of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) are to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (EEA) and to strengthen the bilateral relations between Norway and the Beneficiary States.

Programme Area Green Industry Innovation

What is the programme area Green Industry Innovation?

Green Industry Innovation is one of the programme areas under the Norway Grants assistance for the financial period 2009-2014. Total contribution from Norway is more than EUR 110 mill. This programme area is focusing on business development. Private sector is the primary target group. The overall objective of the Green Industry Innovation programme area is to increase the competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship. The expected outcomes from this programme area are: Realisation of business opportunities of greening the European economy - Reduced production of waste and reduced emissions to air, water and ground - More use of environmentally friendly technologies - Increased green job creation and entrepreneurship.

Programme Operators (fund managers)

Eight Beneficiary States have selected the Green Industry Innovation programme area. These are Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Each of the programmes has a separate Programme Operator. Innovation Norway is the Programme Operator for the Green Industry Innovation Programmes for Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. For more information on Bulgaria. Poland and Romania please follow the links on this page. Innovation Norway is the adviser, the so called Donor Programme Partner, to the Programme Operators for the five other Green Industry Innovation Programmes. For applicants from the Beneficiary States and Norwegian partners please follow the links of the respective Programme Operators: Estonia: Ministry of Economic Affairs and CommunicationsHungary: Szent István UniversityLatvia: Ministry of Economics of the Republic of LatviaLithuania: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of LithuaniaSlovakia: Government Office of the Slovak Republic

What is Innovation Norway?

Innovation Norway is a public company owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fishery and the 19 Norwegian County Municipalities. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's main instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, both in Norway and abroad. For more information visit the official webpage of Innovation Norway.

Bilateral partnerships are encouraged

The programme area Green Industry Innovation is suitable for partnership projects. The aim is to strengthen the economic bilateral relations between Norway (the donor state) and the Beneficiary States and take advantage of Norwegian experiences and technologies. Thus, project proposals with Norwegian partners will be given priority during assessment and project selection.

What is a donor partnership project?

A donor partnership project consists of a project promoter (the applicant) from the Beneficiary States and one or more partners legally established in Norway. Donor partnership projects are joint projects where input from both parties is necessary to achieve the objectives of the project. The partnership project should be developed in cooperation between the project promoter and the partner. Long term cooperation, beyond the lifetime of the project, should be the perspective. Supply of goods or services to a project promoter will not qualify the project as a partnership project. This if further elaborated in the detailed provisions for each programme.

Legal compliance and co-financing requirement

The applicable European and Beneficiary States rules on public procurement and on state aid shall be complied with at any level in the implementation of a project. The contribution from Norway Grants, will be given in the form of grants (non-reimbursable funds) for co-financing of projects in the Beneficiary States. The grant rate will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking all relevant factors into account, and will normally not be more than 50% for SME’s and less for large enterprises. The project promoters (applicants), and/or project partners need to secure the full financing of the project. We recommend potential applicants and their partners to familiarize themselves with the opportunities and limitations given by the European state aid regulations (General Block Exemption Regulations - GBER)For public entities and NGOs, were eligible, special grant rates will apply. This is further elaborated in the detailed provisions for each programme.

General background information

Please visit the main web-site of the EEA and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms